Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas is 24 Days Away!!!

Now that it's December first all I can do is listen to christmas music :)
Yes that is Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff because I only have their Christmas albums, along with a few holiday songs from The Maine. I have brought a white christmas tree back to my dorm and it's decorated with only the prettiest ornaments: a tiara, purse, cupcake, sparkly heel, pink eiffel tower, sequin covered stockings, white lights, & a sparkly silver star to top it off! The whole assembling thing isn't quite the same as picking out a live tree and all but we could always get a pine scented car air freshener, they're even tree shaped! Also I must share my thoughts on christmas lights, only white, unless they're the bulb shaped ones. In that case the color is acceptable. Here's a holiday card from Free People to get you in the spirit : )

here's the link to make it bigger to print out: personally i printed it out, cut it as instructed, and added some glitter glue touches!


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