Wednesday, January 6, 2010

denim dress determination

So i tried to make my overall denim skirt look like a denim dress however, it looks like a denim dress that used to be overalls. The failed attempt resulted in me posting a lame post picturing my inspiration/the dress I should go buy.

The second picture is a Free People denim dress that's super cute with the sweetheart top and studs and it only $30! It's on sale from $108 and they have sizes 2-12. I have altered my outfit buy cutting off the overall straps, adding a cobalt blue stretchy fabric to allow the dress to stay up, and cutting a belt in half and sewing it on to act as a halter. I love the keds with the denim dress too, they remind me of a fashion spread from Teen Vogue featuring model Riley Keough in 2006, first picture.

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