Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Inspiration

So my desk has one of those built in bulletin boards, and I love to redecorate it every once in a while with all the things I like. I'm not quite sure that I have ever used it for actual important information, but i cherish it none the less. I use old magazines, magazines that I have doubles of, or catalogs to decorate. Although most of my magazines I won't cut apart because I love them too much. I just can't take the knife to a Teen Vogue, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, W, ect. Unless I have a double, which I only had a double of one Teen Vogue but it was an excellent issue, so that was convenient.

I have used pictures from Urban Outfitters, Free People, Teen Vouge, and I think a few from People & Seventeen. Some are very old considering Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson are photographed together, others are from these months catalogs. It gives a pretty vintage, classic, free-spirited, retro, and summer vibe. That pretty much is how I wish to be ALL the time.

This oozes (i hate that word) summer.
I love the picture of Emma Roberts, with the high wasted shorts (very in this season) and nautical striped tee, and the coke bottle helps top the mood off perfectly.
Gemma Ward is pictured on the bottom right,
on the yoga ball wearing heart shaped sunglasses.
I love it.
Top right, that's my cousin Cooper.
He's wearing a shirt that says "chicks dig me"
And yes, Adam Brody, Robert Pattinson, and Karlie Kloss snuck in there.
I love the "you are beautful" tank in the top left corner (Free People)
The end.

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