Monday, January 4, 2010

oh clip on earrings how i love you <3

I walked into my bathroom and nearly died of excitement for there laid a pair of the most sparkly bedazzled and shiny clip on earrings i have ever seen. My mom has definitely been holding back on me, check them out: (also note that they resemble tinsel which i knew i would have a use for when I took the 10 pictures of tinsel alone :)

They're almost as cool as the clips on that were my absolute favorite and i lost at college :(
I never lose anything either and they were my aunt sis' earrings so maybe these can fill the void that the others have left.

In addition i really want a denim dress, but i have made a new years resolution not to buy any clothes for 3 months :x
So, tomorrow I am gonna try to transform a denim overall skirt into a wearable denim dress, wish me luck!

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