Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I feel the same way about red, white, and blue as everyone else...I can't get enough of it. I saw this DIY on BleachBlack and thought it was genius.
On a related/sort of random note, my mother's friends daughter (no i'm not kidding) did a school project on her family traits. She has fair skin, red hair, and blue eyes. She wrote something like, "I'm red white and blue, like the American flag, and my freckles are the stars". Isn't that the cutest?

American Eagle shorts that I ripped the pockets off of and applied fabric paint to thanks to BleachBlack. Alexander Wang T tank and Jeffrey Campbell clogs.


  1. oh i adore this! i'm not american, although i do love stars & stripes :) cute clogs ♥

  2. ps. audrey hepburn is one of my favourites, ever!

  3. I absolutely love that shorts!!
    Following you now, hope that you follow me too!=)




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